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New Worship Series – Season of the Spirit: God’s Perpetual Surprise Party: May 27 – June 24

Season of the Spirit: God’s Perpetual Surprise Party

Isn’t it true that God surprises us with astonishing things all the time!? Isn’t it interesting when we are consigned to the world being one way, God surprises us with a whole new schema and framework! Out of struggle, a whole new outlook emerges, often the total opposite of the dread that we had expected. The Resurrection really is God’s ultimate surprise, yet God does not stop there. The Holy Spirit keeps on surprising us, and it can be quite the adventure. In-deed, the Triune God has been moving and acting for millennia and the surprises are never ending. Join us for a new worship series on God’s perpetual surprises, May 27 -June 24. See how the Biblical surprises of the past are remarkably the living, breathing surprises of today.


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