a Sanctuary for all

Covid Protocols

Worship Music, and Communion

  1. Masks will be optional, with disposable masks continuing to be made available.  It will be assumed that folk’s not wearing masks have been fully vaccinated.  
  2. Physical distancing will still be encouraged for seating in the sanctuary.
  3. The Communion hymn will be instrumental only during the distribution.  Once everyone is served communion, pastor returns to the table and the community stands and sings a single verse of the Communion hymn.  
  4. The offering plate will remain at the entrance door, rather than passing the plate.

Holy Communion

  1. Distribution via regular wafers and individual cups of wine.
  2. If a person prefers gluten free or low gluten, they will take a pre-wrapped wafer at the entrance.
  3. Distribution to occur in front of communion table, with worshippers encouraged to maintain safe physical separation.


  1. For a time, we will offer a Zoom worship service at 8:30am.
  2. The In-Person worship service will be held at 9:30 with full liturgy.
  3. We will re-evaluate our protocols as needed. Please make your concerns known to the Church Council.

Download a PDF – Fall 2021 Covid 19 Protocols