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Eucharist During Covid 


Holy Baptism is a Sacrament. What is a Sacrament? A Sacrament is an invitation to experience God in the ordinary elements of water, wine, bread, and oil. We ask the Holy Spirit to come, and when we do so, we can be assured that the Spirit does indeed fill us, change us, and empower us.

Baptism is an experience of belonging to the Community of God (Creator-Jesus-Holy Spirit).  We baptize because Jesus directs us to do so. It is the way to publicly claim God’s presence in our lives and receive God’s acceptance in the company of others. The Bible describes it as a “washing” and a “new birth.”  Promises are made and intentions are set to live as Christians, “Little Christs,” in the world.

We invite you to explore an active and living faith among us, and then to contact one of our pastors about baptism. Holy Baptism is open to all people of all ages.



Holy Communion is also a Sacrament. While Holy Baptism takes place once in a person’s life, we celebrate Holy Communion as often as is needed. It is an opportunity to continually connect with the presence, healing, and spiritual nourishment of God in the context of community. Holy Communion is also called Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, and the Great Thanksgiving. This is because Jesus celebrated this meal with his disciples and gave thanks to God for all of the ways God loves us. Please speak with one of our pastors to learn more about Holy Communion.   At St. Stephen’s, Holy Communion is open to all people of all ages.